What I care about in this life are all things that lead back to my body. Beauty. Sensuality. Emodiment and self-possession. Pleasure. Expression. Connection. I am ambitious for those things. Whenever I have been determined or brave it was in pursuit of them. On this website, as a counsellor, I write, trying to express my [...]

first, a video: then, some context: out of the frame is my wheelchair that I use full-time to get around. I was born without a tail bone and a bunch of confused nerve endings. My legs got left out of the electrical loop. I was never supposed to sit upright independently. Parts of what you [...]

sometimes i ask to sneak a closer look skip to the final chapter of the book and then maybe steer us clear from some of the pain it took to get us where we are this far but the question drowns in its futility and even i have got to laugh at me no one [...]

Love should grow up like a wild iris in the fields, unexpected, after a terrible storm, opening a purple mouth to the rain, with not a thought to the future… ~Susan Griffin We’re sitting in my living room as the afternoon leans into evening. I’ve made an herbal tea he’s never heard of before and [...]

Indian artist, Anjolie Ela Menon: “I inhabit a place which I can share with no one for any length of time. This place is subterranean, remote and inaccessible. It is a lonely moonscape of my own making; trespassed upon by the occasional bird or animal, and the protagonist is often the person I yearn to [...]

There is the first stirring awareness of a new realm inside you, a forming perspective – you dip in a toe – you dive in – and suddenly all sense of place evaporates. Like being deep under murky water – without a line between you and the boat on the surface there is no way [...]

Picasso was born in a shed in my back yard over a decade ago. She is my ally. She is particular, and if you can get over yourself and your expectations of how cats should be, she doesn’t seem snobby or ornery. And that is her magic. She’s only aloof when you want it so [...]

(I accidentally disappeared this and have now reappeared it thanks to someone’s rss feeder) The first thing I will tell you is that I get so enraptured with the shades of green and the tendrils of light that unfurl across my floors and the sounds of my pets breathing softly and the birds nesting in [...]

First, go here and read as Catherine slips behind a veil and brings out a still beating, blood-dripping truth. Then come back and I will make you the gift of a song… Catherine talks about the ache of the responsibility of those of us who are healing and teaching.  How we are asked to be [...]

How do you like my new space?  I kept the wild splashes of paint, but had things tidied up a bit.  And I am in the process of creating videos and a possible newsletter – a newsletter of dares, perhaps.  It’s all in a brew and just about anything could rise up to the surface [...]

I’m Erin

I am an aerialist, comedian, writer and sex icon to the world.

Find me on instagram: erinunleashes


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