What I care about in this life are all things that lead back to my body.

Beauty. Sensuality. Emodiment and self-possession. Pleasure. Expression. Connection.

I am ambitious for those things. Whenever I have been determined or brave it was in pursuit of them.

On this website, as a counsellor, I write, trying to express my thoughts about the body – my relationship to it, my beliefs around it – my passion for it – hoping they’re useful to anyone who reads them, anyone who *also* seeks these things.

As an aerialist, I worked for a couple years on technique and strength and stamina to take those feelings and intentions and *use* my body to speak *for* my body.

I’m on the other side of my first performance – thinking of new routines, new moves, new ideas to explore and express. Ways of sharing this work with people that dovetails into my work of energizing others as they cultivate their body love. In the meantime, I would like to share that first performance.

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