How do you like my new space?  I kept the wild splashes of paint, but had things tidied up a bit.  And I am in the process of creating videos and a possible newsletter – a newsletter of dares, perhaps.  It’s all in a brew and just about anything could rise up to the surface – anything you’d be interested in seeing or reading about to add to the cauldron?

I couldn’t have made it over here on my own.  I reached out.  I asked my friend Ty from Unorthodox Creativity to help me because Ty is someone I like and trust.  I got a response right away.  Overnight I had this whole new home and Ty was really amazing at walking me through the different steps, holding my hand and making it fun.  If you want to read some great fiction, have a comfortable place to be creative in, learn some new things about yourself each week or get a new internet home built to your liking I recommend making friends with Ty yourself.  It’s awesome!

For now, as a housewarming present,  I dare you to say hi to me, let me know you’re here – let me know I’m speaking to you in some way.  You’re welcome to show up in the comments or my Inbox ( if you’re in a private sort of mood – I can appreciate that.  I’d especially love to hear what sorts of things are on your mind, tickling your heart, stuck in your throat, sitting on your chest or bringing goosebumps to your skin.

Now I must find myself a real-life door mat that says ‘I Dare You’ on it.




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